Season 04 | Episode 17 | 83

Original air date:
Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Steven S. DeKnight

Terrence O'Hara

Series regulars:

Tom Welling
(Clark Kent)

Michael Rosenbaum
("Lex" Luthor)

Kristin Kreuk
(Lana Lang)

Allison Mack
(Chloe Sullivan)

Jensen Ackles
(Jason Teague)

John Glover
(Lionel Luthor)

Annette O'Toole
(Martha Kent)

John Schneider
(Jonathan Kent)
Guest stars:

Malcolm Stewart (Dr. Sinclair)


Rekha Sharma (Dr. Harden)
Craig Lapthorne (????)
Carra Maureen (Fencing Instructor)

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3.57 (#6)
3.3/ 5 (#6)
Adults (18 - 49):
1.6/ 5 (#6)
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Lex (to Dr. Sinclair): I'm calling this one a failure.

Chloe (to Clark): Be careful okay. No matter what he says, Luthorcorp experiments never end well.

Lex: Dad I'm... I'm proud of you. Lionel: Thank you Lex. I'm truly grateful for everything.

Alexander (to Lex): Hello me.
(knocks him out)
Meet the real me.

Lex: Who are you?
Alexander: Oh, that's a question I have been struggling with.

Lex: Oh my God, you're me.
Alexander: No lex. I'm much, much more.

Alexander (to Lana): Lana you could live life as a queen by my side or you could be tossed out like the garbage. Why don't you think about it. I know I will.

Alexander (to Lionel): I knew you were in there somewher father. You should've stayed in prison. You were safer there.

Lana (to Clark): You think you know someone, but there's this side of them you never see until it is too late.

Chloe (to Clark): Looks like our favorite billionaire has one hell of a split personality.

Chloe (to Clark): You're always there when I need you Clark. I just hope one day I can do the same for you.

Alexander (to Clark): You've lied to me for years Clark, but now I know your secret.

Alexander: We could walk the earth as gods among men.
Clark: You're not a god. I'm not even sure you're human.

Alexander (to Clark): Every man has a weakness Clark, no matter how superhuman he may be.

Martha: What do you want?
Alexander: The world Mrs. Kent.

Alexander (to Jonathan): You were right about me all along Mr. Kent. I am the villain of the story.

Alexander (to Clark): The hero comes to the rescue. How predictable is that?

Lex: Leave him alone!
Alexander: I'm starting to hate the sound of my own voice.

Lex (to Clark): Did the accident create an evil Lex or is that what's really inside me?

Lionel (to Lex): A man can't deny his true destiny, Lex no, we're Luthors. We're Luthors.

Song: "I Drive Alone"
Artist: Esthero
Album: We R In Need Of A Musical ReVoLuTIoN!
Smallville returns to near-form by giving us a Lex Luthor who is truly as charming and as evil as we all keep wanting him to be. Unfortunately, it's not really Lex: it's an evil twin let loose by a failed experiment that turns regular Kryptonite into the blingy black kind. Didn't we already see Jonathan Taylor Thomas pull this trick? EvilLex runs around town causing havoc: he kisses Lana inappropriately; imprisons NiceLex in an iron mask and then locks him in a basement; and terrorizes the benevolent Papa Luthor until he goes back to being a Magnificent Bastard. Well played, that. Clark and Chloe investigate the case of the mysterious Double Lexification and figure out pretty early what's going on. Clark saves Chloe's life, yet again, and EvilLex sees the whole thing. EvilLex shoots Bo Duke in the leg ("That's for that Earthquake movie!"), but that's quickly forgotten. Clark finds NiceLex in the basement, and when EvilLex comes to finish Clark off, Clark eyejaculates at EvilLex's Kryptonite ring, causing it to turn black and the two halves of Lex to rejoin. It's not the first time Lex has welcomed another man back inside him. RepentantLex goes all over town apologizing for letting his id run wild, and is shocked to discover that Papa Luthor has given up his charitable ways. Wow. That's how you're gonna tie up the "Good/Evil Papa Luthor" storyline? Just like that? Fine. Whatever you say, Smallville. (TWoP)
At LuthorCorp, Lex is working with Dr. Sinclair on a piece of green kryptonite. They initiate a thermal sequence to tap into its radiation and expose it to seeds. But the experiment goes awry and as the kryptonite blackens, it cracks and explodes. The blast devastates the lab and as Lex takes Sinclair to the hospital . . . another Lex crawls from the wreckage.

Clark and Chloe meet with Lex at the hospital and he offers to take Clark and show him the experiment. In Dr. Sinclair's room, Lex visits Sinclair and wants to know if the doctor saw anything . . . like him splitting in two. When Sinclair says he might have a way to reverse the process, "Lex" (henceforth referred to as Alexander) kills him with an air bubble to the intravenous. Chloe sees Alexander come out as the doctors rush to Sinclair's aid. At the lab, Lex reveals anything grown from the seeds turns rotten and Clark weakens from the nearby kryptonite. Alexander, secretly in the lab, sees the weakened Clark. At the manor, Lex meets Lionel and promises to show up at Lionel's charity benefit . . . in return for it being held at LuthorCorp Plaza in Metropolis. After Lionel leaves, Alexander shows up and knocks out Lex, putting him in the wine cellar.

It soon becomes clear that Alexander embodies Lex's evil impulses and that he won't kill Lex until he knows how that might affect him. Alexander puts an iron mask on Lex and leaves him there. Clark and Chloe compare notes and are puzzled by the fact they were both with Lex. While Chloe checks the hospital security tapes, Lana comes back to her apartment to find Alexander waiting for her after she called him to talk about Jason. Alexander starts putting the moves on her and Lana slaps him and tells him to get out. He does so . . . after saying he'll close the Talon. Later Lionel confronts Alexander when he cancels the fundraiser and Alexander agrees to let him have the fundraiser . . . if he sword-duels with him. He taunts Lionel into knocking him down and holding him at swordpoint, but his father can't bring himself to hurt him so Alexander scars him across the cheek.

Lana is at Clark's barn and briefs him on Alexander's activities, and Chloe confirms via the security tape that there are two Lexs. Clark goes to confront Alexander, who can answer his questions about the previous evening since he was secretly in the lab. Clark tells Alexander everything and Chloe and Clark meet him at the lab. He leaves them there and Clark finds a piece of the altered black kryptonite that hurts him, and a locker with an unconscious Lex in a security uniform. Alexander drops a girder on them, knocking Chloe out, but Clark breaks free, much toAlexander's surprise as he makes his escape.

Back at the Kent farm, Clark and Chloe have a moment and then Chloe goes to stay with Lois for her own protection. After warning Lana, Clark goes out to the barn where Alexander confronts him and offers him a place at his side. Clark refuses and he exposes Clark to a piece of green kryptonite mounted on a ring. Alexander pulls a gun on Martha and Jonathan as they rush in and shoots Jonathan to convince Clark to join with him.

After taking Jonathan to the hospital, Clark searches the manor and finds and frees Lex, but Alexander shows up with the kryptonite. As he prepares to kill Clark, Lex interrupts him and Clark uses his heat vision on the ring, turning it to black kryptonite and merging the two back together. Clark and Lex have a moment later and Lex admits he doesn't remember anything of his duplicate's experiences. Lex apologies to Lana and then meets with Lionel, who admits that Lex has shown him the "error of his ways" and he's closing down the foundation it's their true nature as Luthors. (TV Tome)

Well fine-AH-Leeee. New episode! Whoo hooo! And a banger at that. Obviously, someone behind the scenes has been through a few hundred billable hours of psychotherapy, because that lab explosion proved to be a total couch trip for Lex. And Chloe's right. He does have "one hell of a split personality." (By the way, LOVING her more and more.) Anyway, back to baldy and his bad other self. Who knew he even had a darker side, huh? All along, I'm thinking Lexie's everyday behavior is poor form to the extreme and here comes this "Alexander" with Sean Penn's sense of humor and Ike Turner's temper. Michael Rosenbaum must still have pieces of the set stuck between his teeth from all the scenery he got to chew. Trying to mack on Lana, shooting Jonathan, using green meteor rocks to force Clark into being his Lap-dog of Steel. Young Luthor's inner child needs a serious spanking, ya hears! And not the kind he gave his yummy fencing instructor. That was just spicy. This all just goes to show that playing with glowing space debris is bad, boys and girls. It makes genetically altered fruit taste rotten, it robs farmboys of their special powers and leads to all sorts of subtext-saturated chats between Clark, Lana and Chloe about keeping secrets from your loved ones. Which actually isn't such a bad thing, unless you're the one hiding in the Kryptonite Closet. Not that there's anything wrong with it, of course. (TV Guide)
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  • This episode was promoted as "Lex vs. Lex".
  • Working titles included Lexes and Fissure.

    Superman References:

  • Alexander said "All those times you were in the right place at the right time. Almost as if you possessed powers and abilities beyond mortal men.", which is a phrase used to describe Superman in later years.


  • Jensen Ackles (Jason) doesn't appear in this episode.

    A doctor named Sinclair is helping Lex with an experiment involving heating a meteror rock at the episode's start. At the end of the teaser, the temperature turns so high that the green meteor rock turns black. There is an explosion, and at teaser's end, Lex comes face to face with... a duplicate of himself. The "good" Lex is referred to in the script as "Alexander," much like the good version of Lex Luthor from an alternate world in DC's Crisis on Infinite Earths comic book. "Alexander" is seen with Dr. Sinclair in a hospital room after the credits roll. He says he saved Sinclair's life, and asked Sinclair if he saw another Lex Luthor. "I'm a swell guy, aren't I?" Alexander says. Alexander asks Sinclair if he can put "the two me's" back together. A security guard notices Lex coming through a second time in a row, and tells him he was just wondering. "I'm not paying you to wonder," "Alexander" tells him. The security guard's name is Martin. Alexander grins and calls him "Marty" on his way in. Clark and Lex meet inside of Luthorcorp. "This is what your experiment is about? Gardening?" Clark asks. "No. It's about the future," Lex tells him. Although Alexander was the name of the good Lex in Crisis on Infinite Earths, and this Alexander says things like "swell," we have no indication really which Lex is "the good one." Alexander makes a deal behind Lionel's back that really infuriates his father. We also get to see Alexander fencing yet again, something we haven't seen him do in a while. Look for some snarky banter with his female fencing instructor. KryptonSite